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10 Successful Ways To Become More Environmental

The Earth is changing in many ways and in some ways it's great but in some ways, it's not so great. Sure, innovation has taken this world by surprise and there's a lot out there, but a big issue we face today is the environment and pollution. By reading this post, you can make a small change to that. And a small change could turn out big!

1. Say No To Straws

Straws are everywhere now, and there one of the worst disposable plastics ever! When you're at a restaurant and you're ordering drinks, just say "No Straw Please" and you'll be on your way to a better life.

2. Use Public Transport More

If you have your own car, sometimes you should think about using public transport more. If everyone drove around in a car, there would be so much gas everywhere, and lots of carbon dioxide in the air. Sometimes you should try taking a bus or metro, or even carpool. More people in one car equals to less cars and less pollution.

3. Beach Clean-ups

You may see a lot of trash on beaches sometimes, and it can be pretty bad. But, you know what would help? Picking it up. Whether it's just throwing away a bit of trash from the beach, or scheduling a bit beach cleanup, they can all make a difference. If you have the time, then go for it.

4. Reduce Waste

Remember the "Three R's", well sometimes it's good to think about them. The first R, which is Reduce, it is the most important. You won't need to worry about recycling and reusing, if you just reduce your usage of plastic. Limit your usage of disposable plastic, and it's the best thing you can do. With less demand for plastic there will be less production, with less plastic pollution will decrease massively.

5. Reuse Waste If You Can

If you happen to be using a plastic bottle, coffee cup or cardboard box and so on, I suggest instead of throwing it away after it's used, you should reuse things, it's a great way to reduce disposable waste, and it's a great thing to do for the environment. For example if you have a plastic bottle, keep reusing it until it breaks.

6. Never Forget Recycling!

Recycling is better than you think and if you recycle, you could be saving many animals from eating trash. Throwing trash away in a trash can, means that the trash will be taking away to a landfill. Landfill are a very bad site, the problem with landfills these days is that they can be so full that the trash slips out the sides. Trash from landfills usually end up in canals and sewers, which go out to ocean and other places like that. With recycling the "Single Use" products will be repurposed and used again.

7. Gardening is a Go To

Nowadays, most vegetables and fruits are packaged up heavily with plastic and styrofoam. It's all terrible for the environment, so why not plant your own? Because you can! So go ahead shovel some dirt and make your own home garden, wether it's a plant pot or a backyard garden, it'll all do. Reducing your plastic usage and getting you closer to nature. Go For Gardening!

8. Community Service

Helping out with the environment can be big or small, and something on a bigger scale is helping out with community service. From beach cleanups to tree planting to fundraising, community service is a great way to help out the environment!

9. Do Some Research

If you really wanna learn more about the environment get online and search up things about pollution and nature and much more, the more you know, the more you can help. Research is a great way to learn more about the environment. And soon, you maybe be learning more from this website.

10. Spread Awareness

If you want to let more people know about the environment, then tell them what you know and what you've learnt, and feel free to share this website to friends and family!

Thanks for reading the first Zoneco blog. Don't forget to Live Life Eco...

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