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The Future Of Bamboo

Bamboo is commonly thought of as a fast growing tree, although bamboo is actually not a tree, but a grass. Bamboo is a fascinating species of grass with a high speed growth and a sturdy wood material. It produces a very nutritional food source and also absorbs lots of carbon dioxide. It’s basically a super plant. So why don’t we use it more?



A few decades ago, bamboo was commonly thought of in most countries as a nice looking, rare plant. But recently, over the years bamboo has gained the attention of many different people. It is now known as an amazing grass that is useful in many ways.

Bamboo shoots are very nutritional food sources, they are easily harvested and can be efficiently farmed, these are a few reasons why should be the next mass produced product.

A sustainable factor of bamboo is it's fast growth and how bamboo shoots are produced. “Various species of bamboo, members of the grass family (Poaceae), have been recorded as having grown up to 1 meter (3 feet) per day." (“Record-Holding Plants”) With this in mind, the production of bamboo shoots could be easily and hastily produced at an efficient rate.