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The Future Of Fusion

Updated: Nov 5, 2018


There is a chance you may have heard others around you talking about fusion energy, or merely grasping the surface of the subject. Well, I'm about to tell you more.


As you probably know, there are many sustainable energy sources that we try to incorporate into our daily lives, such as: Solar, Wind, Geothermal, and so on. But none of these sources are perfect. For example, Solar is not 100% reliable, as to the fact that "night time" exists. But scientists may have found the perfect energy source.


Meet Fusion, the possible future of humanity. Fusion energy is not a idea of the future, it exists, and we see it every day. The sun and the other stars in space are all big burning fusion "engines". Scientifically speaking fusion is the process of two light atoms (e.g. Hydrogen) being forced together due to substantial amounts of heat and pressure, to form a heavier atom, like helium. When this system happens, energy gets produced and creates light and heat. Fusion is great because it doesn't release toxins or any pollutive greenhouse gases, so it won't harm our earth's atmosphere, because the bi-product of fusion is Helium, and helium is non-toxic. Since the fuel is made from two hydrogen atoms, it can be pulled from our immense amount of seawater.


Many people believe that fusion will power our cities in the near future. This is because nuclear fusion is said to be the most green, clean and viable alternative to fossil fuels.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, stay tuned from more daily articles.


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