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Disneyland's Eco Wonderland

Disneyland is known by people around the world as a place of wonder, fun, excitement and friendship, but globally, Disneyland uses up so much waste. Whether it's disposable plastic or waste energy, Disneyland is a powerhouse for non-renewable energy. But now, they plan to change, with solar energy.

Disneyland has built a solar panel field, that can power 1,000 Homes, and plans to power all four parks at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Currently it supplies enough energy to power two of the theme parks and shows a hopeful green future for Disneyland and other theme parks in the world.

With climate change potentially destroying our world in 10 years, Disneyland's "Climate Action" is a sign of hope and a green future. Stay Eco!

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I think that this is a very good example of a worldwide famous company taking action against our environmental problems. I would strongly encourage you all to save water and save energy when possible, which can be done by taking 3 minute showers or just simply turning off lights when you leave a room. GJ on writing the article


Mar 20, 2019

Thanks for sharing this! It made my day.

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