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Climate Change Causes New Floods In The US

We've all heard of the term "Climate Change", but what does it mean, if you didn't already know, climate change is when a significant change happens in weather and climate patterns, and climate change is being caused by a large increase of greenhouse gas emissions being released into the atmosphere. Climate change causes multiple issues and challenge, but one of the main causes is rising in water level.

Flooding in Port Arthur, Texas on August 31st 2017 as a result of Hurricane Harvey (source: U.S. Air National Guard / Staff Sgt. Daniel J. Martinez)

Recently, there has been a large event known as the "2019 Midwestern US Floods" and it is a very serious topic. The flooding began in the middle of March 2019, and continues today. The total monetary value of property damage so far has totaled up to 2.9 Billion US Dollars! Most of the midwest of the United States has been experiencing a large amount of flooding and this is most likely due to climate change and rising water level.

This large events is a warning sign and message that climate change is here and it will have catastrophic effects on our earth, so be environmentally conscious and stay eco!

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