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Endangered Animals And How To Save Them

What are endangered animals?

Endangered animals are animals that are in danger of extinction, or completely wiped out. Endangered animals have a very low population, and usually will be extinct within a year unless they receive lots of care and help from wildlife conservationists.

Why are animals endangered?

Animals are usually endangered because of excessive poaching or habitat loss. The Dodo bird became extinct because it was over-hunted by humans. Many other animals are also becoming extinct because they are hunted, often illegally, too much. Other animals become endangered because their homes get destroyed by us. Forests are burnt to make space for farms, and toxic waste from factories destroy rivers and forests, therefore destroying the animals’ shelter and leaving them to die.

Amur Leopard

Amur leopards are currently critically endangered. There are only around 100 Amur leopards left on Earth! The reason they have such a low population is because humans have hunted them for their beautiful fur for years. If we don’t do anything to repopulate them, this whole species will go extinct simply because us humans wanted a fancy coat.