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Why We Should Preserve Nature

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Nature is great, it's beautiful, stunning, intriguing, it's many things, but soon in won't be. Our world is changing so fast and we can stop and notice that the old world is disappearing. But it's important to preserve nature and saves the environment. I'm going to list some things about nature, that should be worth saving.


Trees, The Air Factory:

Other than all the rest, trees are vital to our life. Trees supply oxygen, without them we'd be... Rather not say, but yeah, trees are the reason we can breath on earth right now. So we really need trees, and their also good looking and cool, unlike an ugly machine spurting out "fresh oxygen" we have a machine of nature and beauty. Oh, and without trees there would be no wood.

Water, The Life Of Many:

Lakes, Rivers, Oceans, Whatever... They're all home to many life forms. Where there's no land there is water, and lots of life with it. Understand that water pollution is worse than imaginable. To destroy the ocean, would be to destroy millions of life forms and species. So be environmental, and save the lives of many.

Fruit, Sweet And Healthy:

Fruit brings us to life. It makes us great. Without fruit you don't have much. Fruit makes this like: Juices, Deserts, Smoothies, Dried Snacks, Wine, And Much More. Don't destroy nature, cause you'll lose a lot of goodness.

Animals, The Bridge To Us:

Ok, this is a must keep. You can't just forget about nature, and animals. That's like zombies, destroying everything in their path. Animals are just like us, they have feelings and we can learn a lot from them. We can learn about human history, and animal behaviour, so much to learn. So be environmental and don't destroy the environment.

Go on to World Wildlife Fund to Learn More, and Help Animals!

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